About Us

Join our brand on a journey to make a change!

Drip bottles are an eco-friendly solution to the devastating impact of single-use plastic bottles.

Whilst you make an impact to the planet, you will make an impact to the lives of many others in need of clean water. Drip have proudly partnered with Just a drop, who help provide a clean water source, to so many lives around the world. £1 of every purchase will be donated to their latest projects. You can find out more about their amazing work here - https://www.justadrop.org/


About our bottles

Our bottles are made of stainless steel and allow for constant reuse. They keep your drink warm or cool for hours!

Packaged in unique biopaper pouches and stamped with our branding, we make receiving your bottle both fun and kind to our environment. 

We make for a great photo, so get your Instagram dripping!